What It Feels Like Leaving a Country You Once Called Home

this image shows leaving a place you once called homeMaking the decision of leaving your country either you are going for studies or even going to work in a foreign country can be such an emotional and painful ordeal. It is where your friends, family and where all your memories are and the feeling that you cannot be able to see your loved ones for a long time may be such an unbearable feeling, the love and memories that you shared with your loved ones may feel like they will fade once you leave.

Great Experience

To some the opportunity to leave your country may be a great experience since you will be able to start a new life, create new friends, live in a good house maybe even better than that you lived in your country or even get a good job that you have always desired. Even if you are happy with all these there will be that feeling that you are missing something.

It is great to go out there and succeed in life and have a great life but a guilty conscience of being far from your family will hunt you when you are just relaxing, working or even just interacting with friends.

Home Memories

Even when you leave to a foreign country most people buy something that will always remind them of homes like a wristband with flag colors of your native country or even a name of someone special that you left. The pain of leaving home may be unbearable and some people even get depressed and these become a sickness and may make them not perform well either at work or even school and may cause them not to achieve what they had aspired to get with the opportunity of traveling.

Leaving your motherland may be a great decision since once you are in a foreign country you will do what makes you happy since no one knows you to dictate what you should do. You will be able to make decisions that will make you happy since you are not doing things to please anyone just you.

this is a picture showing leaving a place you once called home

The Excitement

When leaving there is always that excitement in every person, either going for work or even studies because you know you are going to better your life, but the feeling that you will not be able to share the excitements of success with them next to you may be painful.

The feeling of leaving the country may even make you think that you have made a wrong decision and may make you even turn down the opportunity. It is great to always grab the opportunity when it presents itself since we all would love to have great lives. If you get the chance to leave your country to go and study in a foreign country take it positively. Always treasure the memories made in your motherland with friends and family since that will motivate you to work more hard to accomplish what made you leave your country.

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