What Makes A Real Travel?

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A real travel is the fulfillment of the purpose of your journey. It is the satisfaction that one derives from getting home yet your mind is still filled with flashes of your experience. Memories that lack vocabularies to describe the experience. A time that seems to have lasted only for a few seconds due to the fun that existed.

This is not what can be achieved that’s simple. The experience comes with a few things that anyone who has had this explosion can tell. This includes:

Expanding the Horizon

A real travel will involve moving from the area of comfort and familiar with to uncharted waters. As explorers did years ago. It involves letting the brain get into an unfamiliar environment. This results in not knowing what to expect and wonders around. This brings out alertness and adrenalin rush in the system.

Learning Experience

When in the uncharted waters of your life, anything and everything becomes new. The best experience in real travel is to go somewhere new. Somewhere where the language and culture of the natives are foreign to you. Try to learn this new language and culture and compare with what you know. This helps to appreciate the other aspect of life that an individual lack.  Interaction with locals also brings out the authenticity of the language, culture, and value.

Character Building

Real travel helps one to learn the value of respect. This is especially when in a strange environment. Try visiting a location where locals don’t appreciate the value of time. Where one is a very disciplined timekeeper, they get to appreciate the virtue of patience.

Real travel involves respect for others as much as we respect ourselves. It also entails being patient with each other. This is especially when traveling to a strange location and there is the communication barrier.

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Benefit For The Local

A real travel experience always leaves the locals happy with your visitation. For this to happen, one needs to plan for their real travel experience well. This is to areas that allow interactions with the locals yet it ensures their safety. Interactions with the locals enable a deeper understanding of their culture, believes, value and traditions. It also enables one to get to hear of myths and experiences that tend to shape them to be who they are. In exchange, they also get to learn what exists beyond their borders. Exchange of gifts and pleasantries tend to act as icing of the interaction.

A real travel should be fun.

Fun requires that we drop expectations.This calls for having an open mind to the environment around us. It also requires an appreciation of everything that gets in our way. We should not keep a checklist of expectation in our travel destinations. This will result in missing the joy that comes with real traveling. Be spontaneous, enjoy the moment. Unleash the wildness and experience the inner feeling. A combination of all these will guarantee a real travel experience. May it be for business or pleasure, always have a good time away from home.

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