How to Get Enough Sleep While Traveling

this image shows how to get enough sleep

The lack of proper sleep varies depending on where we have traveled to. Lack of sleep that when one is within the locality time zone is different than when one has traveled to a different time zone. The duration of day and night can also affect our sleeping pattern. Especially when the journey results in a jet lag.  The environment around which is different from the comfort of our own bed makes sleep hard to come by. To have a good sleep, one must try and get the environment around to be as conducive as possible. This can be though

Making the environment to be as comfortable and familiar as possible

The bedding, light, and sounds that surround you make you not to relax. This is because you are not used to them when going to bed. One needs to get themselves comfortable by carrying their own bedding. Ensure that the windows have the right curtains. This is that protect the natural light from getting in especially in regions where the daylight is longer than your locality. Where the daylight is shorter than your locality, carry artificial light. This can act as natural light instead of using an alarm clock to wake up.

Exercise enough

This is recommended for long-distance travel that results in a significant change of time zone. Prepare yourself for a change of sleeping partners by exercising. The exercise will be both in respect to the sleeping pattern and physical exercise.

Avoid Stimuli

To ensure that you have enough sleep, avoid all manners of stimuli. The stimuli deprive one the already exhausted body the rest needed. These stimuli are

  • TV
  • Smartphones applications that engage the brain
  • Hard music
  • Loud music
  • Carbonated drinks

this image shows exercise for better sleep

If music soothes you to sleep, have earphone and let it be soft music. Put on sleeping mask to create a sleeping atmosphere. Turn off the phone if you want undisturbed long sleeping hours.

Engage In Proper Diet

The food that we eat while traveling can be a cause of our lack of sleep. Have a proper meal before engaging on a long journey. Snack light during the journey. This will enable you to sleep during the journey. Eating in the middle of the journey might bring stomach upset. This will harbor you from having a peaceful sleep. The kind of food that you eat while on a journey also might not go well with your digestive system. If you can prepare your own meal, it would be better.

Have Plenty of Water

Traveling brings fatigue and dehydrates the body. It’s important to re-hydrate the body. Carry your own water when on a long distance journey. A body that well hydrated can have a peaceful sleep and wake up energized.

this image shows better sleep while travelling by drinking water

Having Enough Sleep

When traveling, we tend to engage in many activities that we forget to give our body time to rest. Plan your sleep to match your local sleeping patterns. The recommended sleeping duration is six to eight hours for an adult. This doesn’t change when you travel. Also, dress to ensure that the body feels relaxed during your sleeping hours.

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