Difference Between Travel And Vacation

Travel and vacation confuse most people as they think that they mean the same but there is just a slight difference between the two. Travel may actually mean so different to every person. To travel may be a freedom to you as you just do what you want not controlled by anyone, most of the people who travel have memories to share with friends and family. Great people who travel live according to how the people live in the place being visited they take up the culture and do everything that the locals do.


On the other hand, vacation simply means just leaving your day to day life and going to a new place and spending some quality time there. Most people who go for vacation do it during observed holidays and just go and have a great time either with family or even yourself. Some take vacations either to relax with family members or to unite with them. People who go for vacations have pictures to share with friends of either the place they went for the vacation. Most vacations are done when taking a break either from work, school or anything that one does on a day to day basis.

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In the recent past traveling was termed by people as expensive and only for the rich but today so many people have left their jobs to just go and travel the world and to some, it has come to be where they make a living from. After so many years of tile installation, I’ve been on a couple year long vacation taking it easy. Vacation, on the other hand, is becoming a culture or tradition in most people that at every year one takes a break and just goes on a vacation with friends or family. Now writers have found a platform in writing of how they travel the world and also how they go for vacations.


TTravelingmay be due to different circumstances either going to work or even traveling to see the world. It is a major life decision since it changes what you believe in, your culture or how you relate to others since you will meet a lot of new people who have different cultures and you will take up their culture just to fit in.

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Vacations have really raised the economy of different states or countries since the government encourages the citizens to visit the attractions in their country these acts as being local tourists. During the holidays you will find hotels are full of just people enjoying their holiday and sharing pictures of the fun that they are having.


Either going to travel or going on vacation it is important to know that we only live once and therefore let each day count. If you feel your calling is to travel the world then do it and just create memories to always treasure. As you go for vacations with family or friends forget all your trouble and just relax your mind so as to go back to your normal routine with energy and for great productivity.

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