What It Feels Like Leaving a Country You Once Called Home

this image shows leaving a place you once called homeMaking the decision of leaving your country either you are going for studies or even going to work in a foreign country can be such an emotional and painful ordeal. It is where your friends, family and where all your memories are and the feeling that you cannot be able to see your loved ones for a long time may be such an unbearable feeling, the love and memories that you shared with your loved ones may feel like they will fade once you leave.

Great Experience

To some the opportunity to leave your country may be a great experience since you will be able to start a new life, create new friends, live in a good house maybe even better than that you lived in your country or even get a good job that you have always desired. Even if you are happy with all these there will be that feeling that you are missing something.

It is great to go out there and succeed in life and have a great life but a guilty conscience of being far from your family will hunt you when you are just relaxing, working or even just interacting with friends.

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Difference Between Travel And Vacation

Travel and vacation confuse most people as they think that they mean the same but there is just a slight difference between the two. Travel may actually mean so different to every person. To travel may be a freedom to you as you just do what you want not controlled by anyone, most of the people who travel have memories to share with friends and family. Great people who travel live according to how the people live in the place being visited they take up the culture and do everything that the locals do.


On the other hand, vacation simply means just leaving your day to day life and going to a new place and spending some quality time there. Most people who go for vacation do it during observed holidays and just go and have a great time either with family or even yourself. Some take vacations either to relax with family members or to unite with them. People who go for vacations have pictures to share with friends of either the place they went for the vacation. Most vacations are done when taking a break either from work, school or anything that one does on a day to day basis.

this is showing vacation

In the recent past traveling was termed by people as expensive and only for the rich but today so many people have left their jobs to just go and travel the world and to some, it has come to be where they make a living from. After so many years of tile installation, I’ve been on a couple year long vacation taking it easy. Vacation, on the other hand, is becoming a culture or tradition in most people that at every year one takes a break and just goes on a vacation with friends or family. Now writers have found a platform in writing of how they travel the world and also how they go for vacations.

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How to Get Enough Sleep While Traveling

this image shows how to get enough sleep

The lack of proper sleep varies depending on where we have traveled to. Lack of sleep that when one is within the locality time zone is different than when one has traveled to a different time zone. The duration of day and night can also affect our sleeping pattern. Especially when the journey results in a jet lag.  The environment around which is different from the comfort of our own bed makes sleep hard to come by. To have a good sleep, one must try and get the environment around to be as conducive as possible. This can be though

Making the environment to be as comfortable and familiar as possible

The bedding, light, and sounds that surround you make you not to relax. This is because you are not used to them when going to bed. One needs to get themselves comfortable by carrying their own bedding. Ensure that the windows have the right curtains. This is that protect the natural light from getting in especially in regions where the daylight is longer than your locality. Where the daylight is shorter than your locality, carry artificial light. This can act as natural light instead of using an alarm clock to wake up.

Exercise enough

This is recommended for long-distance travel that results in a significant change of time zone. Prepare yourself for a change of sleeping partners by exercising. The exercise will be both in respect to the sleeping pattern and physical exercise.

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How To Make Travel Planning Easier – 5 Practical Tips

this is a picture of travel planning made easierThe process of making travel plans and arrangement is quite challenging and stressful. It also brings frustration when the actual occurrence of events deviates from the plans prepared. It is important to ensure that you spare time to make the plan as simple and practical as possible. Keep an open mind when making the plans to avoid frustration. Plans are nothing but a guideline of to do things.  Below are tips that will ensure you enjoy planning your vacation and have fun doing it.

Seeking Recommendations

The best recommendation comes from someone that you admire their travel arrangements. They seem to always know the right place to visit, the right time to do it. You can always rely on them to give you suggestions. They can give you recommendations to travel arrangement, hotels and accommodations and many other tips. This will help you enjoy your vacation. One can visit social media sites and ask for a recommendation.

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What Makes A Real Travel?

this is a picture of what makes a real travel

A real travel is the fulfillment of the purpose of your journey. It is the satisfaction that one derives from getting home yet your mind is still filled with flashes of your experience. Memories that lack vocabularies to describe the experience. A time that seems to have lasted only for a few seconds due to the fun that existed.

This is not what can be achieved that’s simple. The experience comes with a few things that anyone who has had this explosion can tell. This includes:

Expanding the Horizon

A real travel will involve moving from the area of comfort and familiar with to uncharted waters. As explorers did years ago. It involves letting the brain get into an unfamiliar environment. This results in not knowing what to expect and wonders around. This brings out alertness and adrenalin rush in the system.

Learning Experience

When in the uncharted waters of your life, anything and everything becomes new. The best experience in real travel is to go somewhere new. Somewhere where the language and culture of the natives are foreign to you. Try to learn this new language and culture and compare with what you know. This helps to appreciate the other aspect of life that an individual lack.  Interaction with locals also brings out the authenticity of the language, culture, and value.

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Where Should You Travel to Right Now If You Could?

If you won an amount of money and a trip to anywhere in the world, and you need to decide right now the destination of your choice, where would it be? This can be a hard choice for many people because they don’t really know about the destinations that they should visit and that they need to have on their destination list. Especially, if you aren’t a frequent traveler. These are some of the places that you should consider traveling to right now if you could:


No, Iceland isn’t just a land that is cold and really not great to visit. In fact, this is the number one destination at the moment if you are looking for an affordable holiday. And, the best part is that they are all talking English, so you won’t have a problem with communication.

The number one reason why Iceland is such a popular destination at the moment is their scenery and their beaches. And, then we don’t even talk about the hot springs that they can enjoy.

The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is also a popular place that you can visit. Especially, if you don’t like warm weather and love visiting historical buildings. The great thing about this destination is the amount of sightseeing that you can do. There are lots of different things that you can do and see in the UK.

If you are staying in London, you can visit most of the popular tourist attractions without traveling too far. They are all in reach and you can enjoy London without any problems. There are many hotels to choose from if you decide to stay in London.


Ireland might not be popular for many people, but this is just because you didn’t see it yet. There are many special things in Ireland that are making this the number three attraction to visit if you could go anywhere right now.

The people are friendly and you will feel welcome, no matter where you are going to Ireland. There are many breathtaking views that you should see and the food is also really delicious. You won’t regret it to make a booking to Ireland.


The one country where you are going to get a completely different culture. This is amazing to see how different they are living and their different beliefs. This is the one reason why so many tourists are visiting Japan each year.

There are also some great sightseeing places to see, some exotic food to try and customs to learn. Great place to visit and many things to learn.

If you can go abroad right now, where will it be? Not sure? Then you should consider one of these four destinations. You will not regret going to any one of these four. You will have the best experience in Iceland with the hot springs, or you can visit historical buildings in the UK. Ireland is a friendly country and Japan is such a different place with a different culture. Each one unique in its own way.